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Sandeen Plumbing has experience installing all types of water heaters, including standard and tankless (on demand). We will order and install the new water heater, then dispose of the old one for you. We'll also be sure your new water heater is properly strapped, according to code, for earthquake preparedness.

If you're concerned about energy efficiency, you may wish to consider replacing your standard water heater with a tankless one. A gas tankless water heater (also called "on demand") is an efficient appliance that uses a heat exchanger to heat water only when it’s needed, which can help you save up to 40%* on your energy bill.

Rich is an expert in installing tankless water heaters. He will discuss all your options with you - including location of the tankless, which varies based on many factors (your property layout, household needs, water use, etc.).

Here's how tankless water heaters work:
1. When a gas tankless water heater senses the demand for water flow, such as turning on a faucet or a shower, the unit begins heating water as it passes through the heat exchanger.

2. Because there is no need for a storage tank (which has a limited supply of hot water) you get an endless supply of hot water with a tankless water heater, even if you need if for
multiple tasks—such as doing laundry, washing dishes or showering—at the same time.

3. When water flow ceases, the tankless water heater shuts down, therefore using less energy by not incurring the “standy loss” associated with tanks.

*As based on the average cost to run an electric tank
water heater per the DOE Average Energy Costs

Source: Rinnai website

Water Heaters - Standard & Tankless
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